PUBG 14.1 update set to release next month

Big and spooky changes are coming to PUBG soon.

Image via PUBG Corp.

Developer Krafton will be releasing an update for PUBG very soon. The 14.1 update will go live for PC players on October 6, while console players will receive the update on October 14, just in time for Halloween. Players will be able to get festive for the upcoming holiday, as key areas throughout the Erangel map will be decorated with a Halloween theme. This event will also add unique weather effects, like fog in the air and a blood-red moon for extra spooky-ness.

But Halloween themes and decorations aren’t the only things being added with this new update — this patch will also be introducing a new gameplay feature known as Carry. This new mode will be available on all maps and will allow players to pick up and carry their downed teammates or rivals for a new experience and potential strategies. For instance, players can carry a downed ally and revive them in a safe area or carry an enemy to use as a shield against incoming opposition.

Update 14.1 will also introduce a new ranked season, moving past season 13 and onto 14. Like past seasons, season 14 will run for two months. A few maps will also see improvements and tweaks as well. Taego, for instance, will see the introduction of Error Spaces, which will spawn weapons and supplies that were otherwise exclusive to other maps. These Error Spaces will be available on the map in Normal, Ranked, and Custom match modes.

Aside from the Halloween-themed updates, Erangerl will also receive some changes made to the Pochinki drop point. These adjustments will help players escape Pochinki after early match combat without a vehicle, thanks to adjustments made to the church building, along with the addition of new waterways, cover, and fences. There will also be a rotation of maps for normal and ranked matches. Taego and Paramo will replace Vikendi and Karakin in normal matches — meanwhile, Taego and Paraamo will also be replacing Sanhok and Vikendi in ranked matches.