PUBG Is Getting Console Crossplay In Early October


Crossplay will be coming to PUBG in Early October, as players on PS4 and Xbox One will be able to take the idea of console wars to a whole new level. PUBG Corp made the surprise announcement during the Inside Xbox stream from Gamescom.

Unfortunately, no mention was made about the feature on PC. PUBG Corp said that the feature would hit the test servers first at the end of September, and would then hopefully be rolled out to live servers in early October.

PUBG is the Battle Royale game that proved the genre could be a success, and has enjoyed both commercial and critical success across PS4, PC, Xbox One, and even mobile. The game has run into trouble in some markets, and has even been banned in others, due to it’s perceived addictive qualities.

More and more games are bringing in the cross play feature as it becomes an important feature for many gamers. As console makers have relaxed their attitudes towards the feature, we have seen games like Dauntless, and even the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare embrace the larger playerbases.

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