PUBG’s new Event Pass is changing thanks to negative feedback

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ new paid progression system called the Event Pass launched last week alongside the game’s new map, and it did not go over well with fans.

Messageboards on Steam and Reddit filled with complaints about the difficulty of the challenges required to unlock cosmetics within the pass, and the developers at PUBG Corp were listening. Today the team revealed some new changes coming to the Event Pass in “changes based on the feedback received.”

To outline the changes, the daily XP limit has been increased to 120 from 80, and the minimum play time required to count towards mission progress was reduced to two minutes from five minutes. The minimum play time required to acquire XP has been cut in half to two and a half minutes from five minutes, and base play time XP payment is now granted in two and a half minute intervals.

Additionally, for Duo and Squad games, mission progress is now updated when your team wins the game or when the whole team is eliminated. The “Reach top 3 without killing anyone in Solos” mission requirements have also been changed, as it can be attained with two kills or less.

“As we’ve said in the dev notes, the Event Pass was introduced to let players experience a different way to enjoy new PUBG content,” said PUBG Corp. “Your feedback regarding the Event Pass has been extremely valuable to us, and we’re making some changes based on the feedback received. We will continue to monitor your feedback and address other issues related to the Event Pass in the near future.”

The update containing the new changes is now on the test server, but it will hit the live servers after downtime tonight at 9pm CT.