PUBG is getting a training mode next month


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting a training mode next month, PUBG Corp revealed at gamescom today.

The training mode is a two-by-two kilometer map that lets anywhere from five to 20 players explore and practice different facets of the game, in a pseudo-playground sandbox environment.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

The map featured race tracks, parachute landing targets, and firing ranges to do everything from practicing peeking to learning recoil. It also includes areas to practice vaulting, close quarters combat, and even vehicle jumps.

PUBG Corp warns that the map is still in development and things are subject to change, but there is basically all kinds of biomes and environments to play with. There’s even full tables of equipment featuring most of the game’s weapons, throwables, and gear.

The goal of the map, according to Dave Curd, PUBG world team lead, was three-pronged. Training mode is important for new players to acclimate themselves with the game, for casual players to experiment different things, and for serious players to enjoy learning deeper about things like gunplay. The battle royale mode has never been kind to players goofing around, so a space to experiment will be appreciated.

An official release date was not given for the new mode, but it should hit the game’s test servers some time in September with a full release soon after. You can check out the full blog post about training mode on Steam.