PUBG Labs Is Taking the Fight to the Sky with the New Motor Glider


It looks like PUBG wants you to be able to fight in the air, and are starting to experiment with Gliders. Not Gliders like another well-known battle royale game, but a motorized, twin-seat glider than you can use to rain death on the unsuspecting people below you. PUBG Labs, the battle royale behemoth’s testing ground for new and exciting mechanics, will be trialing a new Motor Glider from Dec. 19 until Dec. 22.

The Motor Glider can carry a pilot and one passenger and can take off when it hits 70km/h. Players will be able to shoot from the Motor Glider and even throw Molotovs.

If you see other players in a Glider, you can take out the engine, but they will still be able to glide and land safely, so be sure you are in an excellent position to take advantage when they hit the ground. The Motor Glider will be available on both the Erangel and Miramar maps and will support both first-person and third-person perspectives while you are in it.

Getting access to the PUBG Labs is easy; all you need to do is go to the Labs tab in the game’s Play menu. Below, you can find some useful instructions for the Motor Glider that PUBG developers Bluehole has made available:

  • Motor Glider has two seats; one for pilot and one for passenger who can shoot and use any weapon from the backseat
  • Motor Glider will be spawned around the map
  • To take off, you must gain the necessary speed of 65 km/h then pitch up with the S key.
    • You’ll start to take off automatically once you hit 70 km/h.
  • Motor Glider’s fuel consumption rate is tied to the engine speed – the more throttle you apply, the faster you will run out of gas.
  • There’s no maximum altitude you can reach; the sky is the limit! But the engine will start losing power the higher the altitude you are at.
  • Controls:
    • Use W/S keys to control the pitch and A/D to control the roll of the aircraft
    • Adjust the throttle by holding Left Shift and Left Ctrl keys
    • Hold Spacebar when on the ground to engage the handbrake

The Motor Glider is available in PUBG Labs on Dec. 19, 11 pm PST – Dec. 22, 11 pm PST.