PUBG Mobile 1.1 update patch notes: Metro Royale Mode, Black Market, Season 16, and more

PUBG Mobile 1.1 update is based on Metro Royale theme.

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PUBG Mobile 1.1 Update is set to hit the global servers on November 10, 2020, and patch notes of the upcoming update are officially released. The upcoming update will be based on the crossover theme with Metro Exodus and will add Metro Royale Mode, Black Market, Loadout Inventory, and more.

The update will be available to download from Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple App Store for iOS devices. The update will start to roll out at 23:00 UTC and will be fully rolled out by 03:00 UTC for all the users.

PUBG Mobile 1.1 Update Patch Notes

It is advised to update the game to its latest version as soon as possible, as players on different versions will not be able to invite each other. Here are the complete patch notes of PUBG Mobile 1.1 Update:

Metro Royale Mode

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New Environments

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  • Two unique maps will be introduced based on Erangel featuring ruins, trenches, a bandit camp, and other locations.
  • A new underground location that includes unique combat mechanics and a railcar vehicle.

New Gear

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  • Weapons can now be equipped with the M203 Grenade Launcher to blow the enemies with firearms.
  • Thermal Sight will be added to the update to spot the enemies easily.
  • Night Vision Scope and Goggles will help the players while fighting in the dark.
  • A new Heavy Armor will offer stronger protection and unique abilities to players.
  • The new Tikhar Rifle, a unique silent air rifle, can be found in the Metro series.

New Challenges

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  • Cunning bandits have been introduced as enemies on the map that can be raided or looted for supplies.
  • Special monsters will be added in the shadows to threaten the players.

Metro Royale Lobby

  • You will enter the Metro Royale Lobby with the metro royale theme by tapping on the metro tunnel entrance on the main screen. The lobby contains exclusive systems and features, including a black market, loadout inventory, command post, missions, talents, rankings, and more.

Black Market

  • Black Market is the exclusive Metro Royale shop where the players can purchase supplies and new equipment before entering the match. Other than this, they can also sell the supplies brought out of Metro Royale for Metro Cash.
  • The supplies available in the Black Market differ from those in Classic Mode and are divided into different quality levels. The Black Market also offers Metro Royale-exclusive weapons, mines, and other new items.

Loadout Inventory

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  • Players can pick loadout before entering the game, and if you return victorious, the items are taken back to the loadout menu.
  • Items carried in your Backpack will be the only items you bring into the match.

Command Post

  • At the Command Post, you can check your Favorability with NPCs, read NPC backstories, and give them gifts to increase your Favorability.
  • When your Favorability with an NPC increases, they’ll give you useful resources that will help you survive in the Metro Royale mode.

Classic Mode Content

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Metro Theme (From November)

  • Underground Metro stations, monsters, and a Radiation Zone will be added to the classic Erangel map.
  • The Aurora, which is under repair, will be present on the Spawn Island.
  • 2 of 4 Metro lines will randomly appear in Erangel each time that can be accessed via Metro stations to get around quickly.

Winter Festival theme (from December)

  • The sea surface in Erangel map with ice floes and a Winter Castle Paradise will spawn randomly where you can have snowball fights with friends.
  • Players will be able to visit the Winter Festival hut and the gift pine tree to the companions.

Adjustment of Mode Availability Times

  • Infection Mode and RageGear Mode will be taken offline, and Payload 2.0 Mode will be available every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting at UTC+0.

Throw Melee Weapons

  • Players can now throw melee weapons and give damage to enemies within 40 meters range. However, only enemies not wearing helmets can be knocked out directly with a headshot.

New Item: Spike Trap

  • Spike Traps are throwable items that can be picked up from the ground in Classic Mode. The players will have to place the traps on the ground to puncture vehicle tires that pass over them. However, they can be used to puncture only one vehicle’s tires and can’t be retrieved after being placed. The traps will disable the vehicle and won’t damage the vehicle itself.

Mini-map Marks

  • Players can now mark routes on the map during the match.

Server Selection

To ensure that everyone experiences less network lag and has a better gaming environment, players will be unable to switch servers at will from Season 16 on. The Switch Server function will be moved to the System Settings screen, and after changing their server, players will need to wait 60 days before they can change it again.

Controls Settings Sharing

  • A code for a player’s control and sensitivity settings can be generated and shared, enabling other players to replicate them.


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  • Improved the Buggy driving experience and reduced the chance of having slippery rear wheels.
  • Slightly reduced the interval between making throws.
  • Stun Grenades will take effect 0.7 seconds after hitting the ground.
  • Smoke Grenades will take effect 1 second after hitting the ground.
  • Increased the damage taken by players in the burning area of Molotov Cocktails by 10.
  • Improved the accuracy of materials used for the model of Holographic Sight.
  • Guest account characters will only be able to reach a maximum tier of Gold V and will not appear on the leaderboard rankings.
  • Other Improvements

RP Season 16: Metro Royale

  • At level 1, players will get Artyom or Anna while the new Night Terror Set will be unlockaed at level 100.
  • Players can collect Metro supplies and redeem them for Colonel Miller and other grand rewards in the New Metro RP exclusive event tab.
  • A new RP group event will be added in which the players will have to join a group after purchasing the RP, and add enough members to collect a free reward, and reach the target level to receive an extra reward.

Players who will update the game between November 10 to November 15 (UTC +0) will get 2,888 BP, 100 AG, and the Thorn Trooper Backpack (3d) as free rewards.