PUBG 8.3 update – Patch notes

A ship captain’s dream.

As Season 8 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is coming to a close, a new patch brings along some exciting changes to the game that will not only boost performance, but will be implementing a few unique changes to how the battle royale is played. Aside from in-game material, this new 8.3 update also facelifts the look of the store and packs it with some new, never-too-early Halloween skins.

New in-game material

During the recent season, fans have seen docks structured all around the seaside of Erangel. Turns out, these were for the debut of four ferries that will circle back and forth from Erangel to Sosnovka. It’s not the only major addition, as players can now avoid the Blue Zone collapsing in for a period of time, with the an attachable Jammer Pack.

In terms of gameplay, the HUD will now feature a visual indication that lets you know when squadmates are being shot at. This function will be usable for not only matches played with friends, but also with strangers who may not have a headset to communicate what they see.

New store UI and skins

According to its press release, the game is also receiving redesigned Store and Social pages that make it easier to navigate with ease. However, the biggest kicker is the addition of dozens of new skins, especially Halloween inclusions. Many of the holiday skins will be those returning from past years’ iterations, but some will be given added design features.

Bug fixes

Lastly, and most importantly, PUBG Corp. is tackling a handful of recent problems in-game that have been affecting performance and connectivity. For instance, boats will no longer spawn on top of docks and those spawning won’t face game-breaking stuttering.

The 8.3 update is currently live on the game’s Test Server, and those interested in the massive collection of changes can see the major changes below and check out the developer’s site for more details.


  • Fixed the excessive reverb when firing the AWM
  • Fixed the Kar98k reverb sound not playing when shooting outdoors
  • Fixed an issue where players could use melee weapons inside the starting plane in War Mode
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Skorpion where the bolt moved too far forward in single fire mode
  • Fixed a visual issue where the bullet ejector on the Skorpion ejector didn’t open after switching to full-auto firing mode
  • Fixed an issue where Panzerfaust warheads would float in-place when firing as the player is DBNO’d
  • Fixed the issue where throwing a grenade at the exact moment of death created a duplicate grenade in the inventory
  • Fixed the issue where vaulting whilst switching weapons may interrupt the action and unholster the weapon
  • Fixed the issue where a character’s face would display abnormally when performing a throwing action after holding a melee weapon
  • Fixed the issue where M24’s front iron sight would display abnormally in ADS


  • Fixed the issue where boats could spawn on top of wooden docks on Erangel
  • Fixed an issue where characters could take damage while jumping contentiously at the front-side of trains on Vikendi


  • Fixed misaligned text on the Match History screen
  • Fixed an issue which omitted helmet level information of some helmet items on the customize screen
  • Fixed the issue where new makeup skins are misaligned in the customize screen
  • Fixed the issue where some killfeed images overlap with other UI during the Deathcam
  • Greatly mitigated an issue where squadmates were not displayed in the team list UI