New Cheating Pattern Discovered by PUBG Devs

PUBG Karakin map

With the increasing player base of the massive hit PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, there are bound to be a lot of cheaters. In a game, this popular everyone wants to be good at it. And cheating should not be the way to do so. PUBG’s third-party anti-cheat might not be that effective as cheaters have already by-passed it and according to the developers a new cheating pattern has been used in over 100,000 instances and the players have been banned permanently.

PUBG Dev Discovers New Cheating Pattern

The developers are currently looking for a new anti-cheating system by analyzing millions of data logs. There were no details shared regarding the anti-cheat system, which is a good thing in a way.

PUBG Corp had encouraged reporting cheaters via the kill cam death replay in the past, however, that might not be always reliable. In the cheats which remove the gun recoil, i.e. recoil macros, makes powerful guns very deadly as they will no longer have recoil. And this has been the most common reason for reporting players, as a kill cam bug shows that the guns do not have recoil, and makes the player seem to be cheating.

Currently, PUBG Devs are working on a fix for that kill cam bug.

Source: Steam