PUBG Sells 4.7 Million units in 2019, Whereas Fortnite’s Revenue Continues to Decline


It’s the middle of the year, and spending on video games has gone down as many have expected during this time of the year. Regardless of the dip in spending, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds continues to sell well as it chalks up a total of 4.7 million units sold this year along. Fortnite, on the other hand, struggles with a sharp drop in revenue compared to this time last year, in May. The information comes from SuperData.

Now, Fortnite did have any issues acquiring sales this May. It had the most significant amount of transactions on consoles. However, despite the consistency of sales, its revenue is down by 38 percent to what it was in May 2018. This decline in spending may mean players are going tired of the genre, or have moved on to other titles.

The steady stream of sales from PUBG though bodes well for the game’s future. Unlike the other favorite battle-royale games on the market, namely Fortnite and Apex Legends, players have to give the developers a payment before playing the game, whereas the other two have free-to-play marketing models. Players may find the appeal of buying the game upfront rather than knowing to expect the developers are going to lean on sales of microtransactions, battle passes, or loot boxes to generate revenue although PUBG features these elements as well.

PUBG is going to have a brand new visual update for game’s first map, Erangel, sometime in the future. Players do not know when to expect the update, but the developers provided a video comparison of what the map looks like before and after their changes.

If the update does well for PUBG, they may see an influx of players eager to check out the new visuals along with returning players looking to kill time during the summer. We can expect to learn the release date of the update as it becomes more finalized. As of this time, we only know the visual update is going to launch later this summer.