PUBG Campers Beware: The Devs Are Testing a Second Blue Circle


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players who prefer camping in a single spot rather than risking it and exploring the map have a new incentive not to wait around: The game’s developers, PUBG Corporation, have added a second blue circle to raise the stakes.

The second circle spawns in the middle of the safe zone at the start of every round. In the next round, that inner circle becomes the next safe zone, with a new blue area inside of it. Now, if a camper sets up shop in the safe zone early in the game, chances are their spot may become compromised.

There is no inner blue circle during the final phase of the game, because there’s barely any room left by then.

Currently, PUBG Corporation only has the second circle in the game’s testing area, named PUBG Labs. You can access it by clicking the small icon called Bluehole in the lower-left corner above Start.

The Bluehole game mode features a reduced 64 players on the Erangel map, and it’s available through Dec. 8.