PUBG Xbox One Free 30K Battlepoints, Here’s How To Get Them Before Feb 1

PUBG Corp revealed that PUBG has crossed the 4 million players milestone on the Xbox One and as a form of celebration they will be awarding a lot of in-game currency for players to use on Loot Boxes. The players will receive 30K Battlepoints which is to be spent on cosmetic items. And in order to avail these Battle points you: Must have purchased the game and Created a player by 12 AM PT / 3 AM ET / 8 AM UTC on January 31.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - How To Get 30K Battlepoints

If you fulfill the above requirement, then the Battle points will be credited on February 1st.

Now, say you have got the 30K battle points and you are on top of the world, however, you don’t know how to spend it? We will show you the smart way of spending your points. And warning, the smart way requires a lot of patience, so here we go.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds loot boxes get expensive as you continue buying them continuously in a week, and at max in a week you are allowed to buy 6 crates, so in the 1st week you will buy 6 crates, costing you 21,700 points, and with the rest of the BP at max 3 more so that totals to 9 crates if you are to spend all of your Battle Points as fast as possible.

If you want more than 9 loot boxes then, you need to buy at max one crate per week, thus you will be able to buy 42 crates in total with the 30K BP, and it will take 42 weeks of course. It is up to the player at the end, and their needs.