141 PUBG hackers in China have been arrested this year


Chinese hackers who provided cheat software for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have been arrested after a joint effort from Chinese local police and media conglomerate Tencent, the publisher of PUBG in China.

A crackdown at the start of the year saw 120 suspects arrested and fined for creating cheating software and hacks for the game. Exp.gg reports that a further 15 hackers were arrested in April for creating hack programs and brokering transactions.

The individuals targeted in the latest arrests were reportedly creating cheat software which contained a harmful Trojan virus. This virus gave the hackers access to the user’s PC to find personal information, such as bank card details.

The police seized over 200 pieces of hardware, including computers and mobile phones, believed to be associated with the hacking.

A report earlier this year from anti-cheat software BattleEye showed that 99 percent of accounts banned for cheating in-game came from China, with some users choosing to join other servers such as NA and EU to wreck havoc across the world.

Hacking is still an ongoing problem in PUBG , and is a constant battle for the developers. The arrests made over the year are a clear sign from PUBG Corp and Tencent that if you are going to cheat or create cheating software, you are in the crosshairs.

All parties involved will likely hope that the arrests deter others from trying to gain an unfair advantage over other players when they next load into a lobby.