PUBG’s Event Mode this weekend is a throwback to early access


A new Event Mode has gone live in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and it’s all about nostalgia for when the game was at the peak of its hype and popularity.

Early Access Memories throws it back to the days of when PUBG was an early access Steam title last year, “to bring back older PUBG loot, rules, and nostalgia.”

In actuality, not a lot is very different in this mode. It features 25 teams of four on the Erangel map, which is pretty standard. Level three helmets will now spawn in world, though, and the Tommy Gun and Kar98k will spawn in care packages like they used to. That’s the basic gist of the big changes.

There are other minor differences too, though. Camo-patterned jackets and ghillie suits will spawn in care packages, blue zone damage will not be amplified by distance from the safe zone, aquarails won’t spawn, and players will spawn on the starting island before the plane—with weapons! Remember that?

It seems like even PUBG Corp. is reminiscing about the early days of PUBG, months before Fortnite released and swallowed up all of its momentum and a large chunk of its players.

The event is currently scheduled to run until Sunday, Aug. 19, at about 9pm CT, so get your games in now. For added early access effect, you can max out the graphics and try to lower your framerate as much as possible to mimic the earliest days of PUBG when the game could barely run on even the greatest gaming rigs.