PUBG’s newest set of Twitch Prime loot is pilot-themed


A fourth Twitch Prime-exclusive cosmetic set for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has now gone live, and it’s aviation-themed.

The new set includes six pilot-themed items, including golden aviator glasses, a B-3 bomber jacket, and a Purple Ace skin for parachutes. The new set will be available from Sept. 18 to Oct. 17.

Image via Twitch Prime

Previous Twitch Prime sets for PUBG earlier in the year included the Deadmau5 crate, a Spa crate, and a Jungle crate. This is the fourth consecutive month that Twitch Prime subscribers have gotten access to exclusive PUBG loot.

The PUBG Twitch Prime website teases a fifth cosmetic crate, which if the pattern follows, will be released some time next month.

Fans can get the new loot by linking their PUBG account to their Twitch account by clicking the Twitch “glitch” icon in the top right of their PUBG main menu, and then navigating to the in-game store and inventory section to find the loot. It may take some time for the loot to appear in the game once the accounts are linked.