Quake Champions fall update – Patch notes

Finally, a witch hat for Nyx and Galena.

Image via ID

Bethesda released patch notes for the fall Quake Champions update, which is live now. For ID, a big issue has been the repairing of bugs and balancing issues. Most diehard Quake players consistently complain about the lack of updates for these fixes, so this new fall update is certainly a welcome one.

The additions of sound and visual customization options also come as great news to Quake Champions players. The game has been loaded with sound issues since the beginning, with it being one of the main reasons some players have been turned off. The new customization options and fixes are a big step in the right direction.

Game mode, weapon, and character balancing have been rare during the life of Quake Champions, so all of these being included in the new fall update could be great for loyal players.

If the previous release schedule is any indication, the next update is scheduled for mid-December. See the full patch notes below.

“And when the day arrives, I’ll become the sea. Slip into a deep embrace and let it swallow me.”

Ancient moss and monstrous trees have taken root across this island temple of stone and wood. Deep Embrace is an all-new map for Duel, DM, TDM, CA, Instagib, and UHT.

Earn new Halloween-themed vanities and Quake II weapons in this season’s Battle Pass.

OLD PAINLESS – Quake II Chaingun, a vanity for the Heavy Machinegun
EXECUTIONER – Quake II Hyperblaster, a vanity for the Super Nailgun
INCINERATOR – Quake II Ground Zero Plasma Beam, a vanity for the Lightning Gun

Anarki – Warlock Broom Halloween vanity

DOOM – Slayer Jack-O-Lantern Halloween vanity

Galena – Witch’s Hat Halloween vanity

Nyx – Witch’s Hat Halloween vanity

Ranger – Jack-O-Lantern Halloween vanity

Slash – Witch’s Hat Halloween vanity

New Lore – Dreamer – Collect all 6 to unlock the Master shader for Gauntlet, Tri-bolt, and Rocket Launcher.

Burial Chamber – Duel support added, available in Custom Game
Burial Chamber – Added two Lights armors to TDM/FFA/Duel item layout
Church of Azathoth – Fixed collision at Mega Health
Ruins of Sarnath – Fixed collision above the lg jumppad
The Molten Falls – Removed the collision exploit in the MH-side vista
Tower of Koth – Removed the mega-health-side Shotgun in Duel
Tower of Koth – Fixed power-up initial spawn times
Tower of Koth – Fixed hole in geometry near the base of the Protection balcony
Tower of Koth – Fixed exploitative collision outside window, where players could hide
Tower of Koth – Removed 4 hourglasses in Duel (two near tower, two near RG)

Death Knight – enabled fire trail dot

Shotgun farspread increased from 850 to 900

Duel – Minimum respawn distance lowed from 50m to 35m radius, 40m to 50m tall
Duel – Reduced minimum respawn time from 3 to 2 seconds
Unholy Trinity – Disabled power-up spawns
Added CA style damage scoring to CTF, SAC, SLP
Clan Arena 2v2 has been removed from Ranked Play, still available in Custom Game

Added Bloom Toggle
Added Flares Toggle

Increased the volume of third-person movement sounds in the mix by +2db
Changed the Strogg pain sounds to make the pain levels more distinct
Changed the Quad and Protection pickup sound effects to no longer reuse the Mega Health pickup sound.
Added a unique sound effect for when Protection wears off
Updated the firing sound for THE ORIGINAL Quake 1 Rocket Launcher
Fixed the CITIZEN KANE Macheingun single-shot sound, which was causing two-shot sound effects for a single bullet tap
Fixed the CITIZEN KANE Machinegun reload click delay
Fixed the RAVAGER Super Nailgun firing sound when rapidly tapping fire
Fixed flyby and impact sounds for the RAVAGER projectiles, they were using the DISRUPTOR sounds
Added four new (louder) wooden footstep sounds that have a more pronounced “wood thomp” to them to help players identify when someone is moving on wooden surfaces.

Fixed the alignment of Athena’s grappling hook crosshair
Added a gradient behind the custom game lobby map description for improved readability
Removed “Appearance” tab label in Customization

Added charcoal weapon shaders
Orange weapon shaders updated (slightly darker orange)
Fixed the Corpse Grinder hoverboard vanity item in Medium quality
Fixed the TESLA Lightning Gun model quality in Low, Medium, and High
Removed the third-person glowing dynamic light from the Long-Stem Railgun

Increased the Avatar of Death medal XP from 10 to 1000