Quantic Dream Once Again Accused As Toxic Workplace


Last year, as you might remember, Quantic Dream has received multiple accusations of being a toxic workplace to many of its developers.

While the studio has denied those accusations, it has lost a court case in July 2018 as team members were at the center of photoshopped images with offensive purposes circulating over at the Paris office.

Now, the accusation is of sexual harassment and has started to get serious when union Game Workers Unite has spread a press release about the matter.

The union remarks that these facts are very, very relevant and that there are laws in place that will severely punish those found guilty.

“We have been informed of acts of sexual harassment and sexual assault committed against women who work and have worked in the company,” said the press release.

“These offenses are extremely serious and are punishable by law. However, they seem to be repeated with impunity for several years because of a strong omerta; this must stop.”

Quantic Dream has already issued another press release from its Twitter account, saying that it is not aware of such cases and demanding that all the workers in a similar situation go and talk to the human resources to try and fix it, and “relevant authorities.”

It’s sad to hear that such a talented studio keeps getting involved in shameful accusations, and hopefully we can find out the truth soon about that.

Quantic Dream is working on PC versions for Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human, which are releasing exclusively on Epic Games Store this year.