Quantic Dream Has “A Lot of Surprises” Coming in 2020

Quantic Dream Has "A Lot of Surprises" Coming in 2020

Quantic Dream’s David Cage has revealed that the studio is going to have an “exciting” 2020, a year where the French developer is planning to share “a lot of surprises” with its fans.

Cage took to Twitter to wish his followers a happy new year, most likely managing to do so only after his holiday break. He further added that, even though “2019 has been an amazing year for the studio,” there’s a chance that 2020 is going to be even bigger.

“2020 should be even more exciting,” the writer and game director commented on Twitter. “We have a lot of surprises to come for our fans, so stay tuned!”

2019 has indeed been a big year for Quantic Dream filled with surprises. After launching its PS4 exclusive Detroit: Become Human in 2018, the team has announced it has become a multi-platform developer as its exclusivity deal with Sony had expired.

The studio secured a deal with Chinese outlet NetEase, which is supplying more funds and allowing it to expand not only to other platforms but also to different genres and intellectual properties so it could sustain its independence.

The first step in this brand new path for Quantic Dream was the release of its three PlayStation 4 exclusives on Epic Games Store for PC: Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human are indeed all available on the platform.

With 2020 marking the beginning of a new generation of consoles, there’s a chance that the French developer might be willing to reveal its new game sooner rather than later, and this tweet from Cage seems to be hinting something in that vein.