Rage 2 Early Reveal Not Due To The Walmart Leak – Pete Hines

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Rage 2 has been revealed quite in a rush, at least apparently, and many thought that this was due to the Walmart Canada leak that spoiler everything before a possible E3 2018 official presentation.

Rage 2 Early Reveal Not Because of Walmart Leak

Anyway, marketing VP at Bethesda Pete Hines has precised that the reveal process was thought from the beginning to be like it was in the end and that the leak didn’t change anything at all. It was even an assist to the marketing team.

“Plan was originally to start teasing on Friday, teaser trailer today, gameplay tomorrow. We just improvised and adapted because my team is awesome and we thought it’d be fun (it was),” Hines told a follower on Twitter.

Anyway, it’s worth to note that the much colorful teaser published yesterday made quite an impact on the userbase, as Rage 2 has quickly become the talk of the town on the Internet and on social networks.

Rage 2 is coming soon to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and is being built from the ground up as a first-person shooter in an open world environment by id Software “in association with” Avalanche Studios, the makers of Mad Max.