Rage 2 Expansion Releasing on September 26


Rage 2 has been a quiet game since it first released earlier this year on May 14. Despite it remaining silent, the developers, Avalanche Studios and id Software, have been hard at work on the title and are coming out with a new expansion for it called Rise of the Ghosts. The expansion is set to release on Sept. 26.

The expansion is going to introduce a brand new area called the Overgrown City. Players are going to have the chance to check out the new area, along with a brand new story happening in the game. Rise of the Ghosts features the Ghost faction, who were in the first Rage title, but have yet to come to the sequel, until now.

The Ghost faction was the first enemies the previous title’s protagonist, Nicholas Raine, ran into in the game. These were quick, agile opponents who ran up walls and got in close to the fight the player.

Rise of the Ghosts is also going to bring in a brand new weapon, the Feltrite Last Launcher, including the ability called Void. The talent is going to have players grabbing enemies and throwing them in the air, holding them there as they freak out before tossing them away. It sounds similar to when in The Force Unleashed, the character’s main character, Starkiller, used the force to hold his enemies in the air and throwing them.

The expansion is going to be available for 1,500 rage coins, which makes out to $15. However, those who purchased the Deluxe Edition of Rage 2 are going to receive it for free when it releases.

Rise of the Ghosts releases on Sept. 26 for Rage 2 on all its available platforms.