Rainbow Six Quarantine confirmed at E3 | E3 2019


A new, PvE focused Ubisoft has announced rainbow Six game at their press conference, Rainbow Six Quarantine.

The new title, which got introduced by a short cinematic trailer where the point-of-view character gradually saw his arm become more and more infected by a disease as their team arrived and helped them up, is a three-player co-op focused shooter. The presenter, the game’s lead designer Bio Jade Adam Granger, described the game at the show: “What Rainbox Six Siege is to PvP, this game is to PvE.” The survival element will be much more significant in this game compared to previous ones in the series as it will test your tactical skills to the limit.

It appears to include zombies or parasites, which is a different direction to the original concept of the series, where generally in a four-person squad, you would take on opponents in tactical warfare.

The entry point into the series for most players was the Rainbow Six Vegas series, prominent on the Xbox 360, and included a big multiplayer following in one of the earliest versions of console e-sports. The most recent iteration, Rainbox Six Siege, brought about the heavily level of tactics involved in Rainbow Six, including environmental destruction, the heavy use of gadgets and several different abilities for unique tactics. The game has seen consistent support since the launch and is currently in its fourth year of content.

The game is due for release next year, with more details for the game coming in the future.