Rainbow Six: Siege Ember Rise Operators highlighted, Battle Pass revealed

 Rainbow Six: Siege Ember Rise Operators highlighted, Battle Pass revealed

Ubisoft has confirmed the details on their latest content update for Rainbow Six: Siege, Operation Ember Rise with gameplay on their two new Operators, Goyo and Amaru. Not only this but in a separate video, Ubisoft also revealed that the game is also going to see the introduction of a Battle Pass.

The six-minute demonstration video also provided an insight into the recent rework of the Canel map, which now includes an additional bridge between the two main buildings on the map and fewer windows around the objective points.

Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise Operators Gameplay and Gadget Starter Tips | Ubisoft [NA]

An explosive new shield and a speedy new way to move are coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Ember Rise. A new Defender named Goyo brings deployable cover with a fiery, explosive surprise, while a new Attacker named Amaru uses her Garra Hook to quickly zip up to rooftops or through open hatches, exterior windows, and skylights.

Goyo, the new Defender in the update from the Mexican FES Unit, allows the use of deployable cover that offers an explosive surprise for those looking to breach it, meaning that as an attacker, more consideration is required if you want to breach the defenses. Think of it as a less flexible version of Frost’s traps, but much harder to detect from an attacker’s point of view. It also offers up a delightful distance explosive, though he is vulnerable to any savvy attacker who can see him close to his own trap. Goyo is medium Speed and medium Armour.

Amaru, the new Attacker from Peru, comes with a grappling hook that will allow you to launch yourself up to rooftops and through hatches and skylights with ease. She’s the only Operator with this level of verticality, meaning that her movement can be a massive advantage to the attackers when she’s in the right hands, and will cause defenders to have to cover hatches especially much more closely. It’s limited if you’re already on the high ground but still works horizontally. As she has to equip the hook until breached and landed, she is vulnerable to entry point trappers, such as Frost or Kapkan. Amaru is also Medium Speed and Armour.

Ubisoft has also confirmed that the game will see two Battle Passes introduced, following the trend of many games that follow the Games as a Service model, with both a Free and a Premium-level for content in the full pass coming later in the year. A Mini Battle Pass, where there is a week-long set of tasks to unlock more cosmetics, with the Mini Pass being free to everyone and will launch with Ember Rise. More on the Battle Passes can be found below.

Rainbow Six Siege: Battle Pass Announcement | Ubisoft [NA]

Battle Passes are coming to Rainbow Six Siege! Operation Ember Rise will feature Phase 1, a completely free Mini Battle Pass, aka: “Call me Harry”. Play and earn Battle Points to unlock Tiers and rewards. Complete the pass to obtain the exclusive Harry Chibi charm.