Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Event Introduces Loot Boxes


Ubisoft is introducing Outbreak packs for the upcoming ‘Outbreak’ event. This Outbreak packs will introduce loot boxes in the game. Many years after the launch of Rainbow Six Siege Ubisoft is going to add major monetization changes in the game. According to various news sources, you will get around 50 loot boxes. All of them will include unique items. That means there will be 50 unique items and Ubisoft cleared that they won’t be duplicates.

Rainbow Six Siege

Any player who is willing to buy all the loot boxes will have to pay around 15,000 RE Credits. Or else you can get the same at a single price of $115. Also if you had not yet got the game you can get a $40 discount on the standard edition. The Advanced Edition starts at $60. The benefit of buying the Advance Edition is you get 10 Outbreak Packs in it. Below is the twitter update that talks about support for PS4 and Xbox One are in process.

Rainbow Six Siege Ubisoft Outbreak event is an upcoming co-op game mode that will introduce Operation Chimera expansion. There is no cost to participate, the event will remain available for 4 weeks. Exclusive collection of cosmetics will available anytime during the event period.