Rainbow Six Siege: Rainbow Is Magic Event


Perhaps one of the strangest April Fools announcements would be Ubisoft’s Rainbow Is Magic Event for Rainbow Six Siege. Yes, the gritty operators of Rainbow Six Siege are bearing dangerously pink outfits for the entire week. Not only that, but the map “Plane” has been completely renovated to match the cuteness overload.

Only select operators are available on this map; there’s also a new announcer to match with the theme. This version of the map is available till April 8, but players have until April 15 to unlock all of the rainbow theme items.

As usual, Ubisoft has gone above and beyond for their April Fools joke and players are enjoying it. Random events such as this are what help keep Rainbow Six Siege amongst the top played games on the market. For those of you who feel like you need more magical sunshine in your life, Rainbow Six: Siege is out now for PS4, XBO, and PC.