Rajang Is Coming To Monster Hunter World: Icebourne


First appearing in Monster Hunter 2, Rajang soon became a fan favorite. The giant ape with sharp pointy teeth and horns on its head proved to be more than a match for even the most ardent hunter and was the source of much teeth-gnashing and keyboard breaking as players tried, and failed, and then tried again to bring the brute down. He’s since gone on to appear, in various guises, in other versions of the game and always with the same result, that he’ll bring you to tears before you bring him down. So good news everybody, if you’ve enjoyed tangling with Rajang before than you’re going to be able to do it all over again.

As revealed on their official Twitter account Rajang will be the first free update for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

Monster Hunter World

As the game is still in the Beta testing phase, at least on the Xbox, you’ll have to have access to the required console and a base copy of the game to be able to experience this monster for yourself. There’s no doubt that when the full expansion is released that Rajang will be front and center and best of all he’ll be free.

If you want to check out just what you’ve got to look forward to, then check out the video below.