Remnant From the Ashes from Darksiders III developer showcase | E3 2019


Remnant From the Ashes, a third person action adventure game has been unveiled on the PC Gaming show at E3, with the release date for the game confirmed for August 20 this year, with those who preorder having access from the 16th.

The new game, from Gunfire Games who developed the Darksiders 2 Deathinitive edition and Darksiders III last year, shows an over the shoulder third person view that includes a fantasy action style gunplay, including a dark fantasy aesthetic. The camera seems to mirror that of the one used in the modern Resident Evil style games.

There are several quests that you will be able to complete and huge monsters that you will battle together. You can check out the gameplay trailer below. There also appears to be a survival element to the game as you and your team fight to survive the horrors of the game’s moody world.

Gunfire Games were opened off the back of the demise of the original THQ in 2012, which also caused the collapse of Vigil Games, the original developers of the Darksiders series. Many members went to developer Hunt: Showdown with Crytek USA, which was then shut down and again took many members, including Darksiders game director David Adams and formed Gunfire Games to continue their work on the series after Nordic Games purchased the rights to the franchise.

The game will be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.