Ranked Mode is coming to Apex Legends in the Season 2 Battle Pass | E3 2019

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Apex Legends will be adding a Ranked Mode in Season 2, letting players rank up to play at higher levels with more talented teammates.

Adding to the Elite Queue that was added to the game, this mode will be a way for players to match up with others in their skill bracket rather than just being paired with a team of randoms that could potentially drag them down.

As a player goes through ranked matches, they will increase or decrease their standing depending on their individual and team performances. The better a player performs, the higher their ranking will be.

If a player continues losing or doesn’t meet a certain level of competitive viability, they will be soft-locked into the lower levels and continue to be paired with others of that rank. Once they up their performance, their level will rise back into a higher rank, and the other players that they are paired with will also be at a higher skill level.

The whole reason for this mode is to make sure players can compete at a level that is challenging and competitive for them. This update will be included in the Season 2 Battle Pass that will release

More details will be announced as the content for Season 2 is fleshed out closer to release.

This article is being updated.