Rare New IP Set To Be Third-Person Adventure, “Still Years Away”


A few hours ago, we reported about the incoming announcements at X019, which will include a release date for Bleeding Edge and a shadowdrop for the PC and Xbox One version of Halo Reach. The first piece of the newest Halo: The Master Chief Collection puzzle, which will build up over the next year on Steam and the Xbox app for Windows 10.

That’s not a wrap for the things that are going to happen at the Inside Xbox for X019, which is going to air at 9pm CET in London, United Kingdom. We’ve also learned about new IP coming from Obsidian Entertainment and Rare.

Thanks to VGC, we have the first additional details about what that intellectual property from the British developer could end up being. We learn that the IP could be a third-person adventure from the makers of Sea of Thieves.

We also get a little piece of intel about the timing of that Xbox Game Studios exclusive for Windows 10 and Xbox One. The game would be “still several years away from release,” so it would be more a teaser for Project Scarlett future lineup rather than an Xbox One.

Rare has been pushed to build more games from its original IP, like Banjo-Kazooie or Perfect Dark. Still, it looks like those will be more keen to be crafted once at external partners with veterans of the older team or younger fans, such as Dlala Studios for Battletoads.