YouTuber Ray Diaz Arrested for Sexual Assault

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Another day another arrested social media personality, yet again involving minors and sexual assault.

Fitness YouTuber and social media influencer Ray Diaz was arrested today on suspicion of sexual abuse and sexual relations with a minor. Reported by Dextero, the influencer, 33, could be heard fighting and threatening his girlfriend, Angelic Salek, 17, in the background of a now-deleted video.

In the video, initially released by Keemstar, owner of the channel Drama Alert, Diaz was screaming threats of violence at his girlfriend (although it’s difficult to call a minor his girlfriend). The video created a stir, causing concerned viewers to reach out to the Los Angeles Police Department. Diaz denied the allegations in a video, but Salek admitted they were all true, detailing more instances of physical abuse.

On July 11, the LAPD posted an update on their Twitter that they were investigating the reports of “physical abuse and sexual relations with a minor” regarding a social media personality.

At the time of this post, Diaz was not named, but no one was fooled in the comments.

Today, LAPD posted a follow-up.

So far, Ray Diaz, nor a representative, hasn’t commented about the events.