Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Development Roadmap Details Free Content Update, Console Ports, and Mod Support


Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will be heading to consoles, getting a free content update, and receiving mod support in the not too distant future, according to developer Double Damage Games. The game’s newly updated development roadmap lays out upcoming plans for the action-packed space sim, which launched on the Epic Games Store in August.

Double Damage says that it’s released 15 patches since launching Rebel Galaxy Outlaw to address players’ comments about technical problems and assorted tweaks. One more patch is planned to hit in September, but otherwise, the team has shifted focus to development on the game’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch ports. According to the developer, versions of the ports are functioning, but it still needs to implement changes from the post-launch patches and make some adjustments to make the game’s more PC-specific features work better on consoles. The game is also on track for a Steam release once its one-year Epic exclusivity window is up, and versions for Xbox One as well as other PC distributors aren’t out of the question.

All three versions of the game will have more content to look forward to soon, as well. A free content update is in the works, set to hit the PC version first then make its way to the console versions. No release window has been set, but Double Damage says it will start to reveal some of the upcoming content before the update launches. If you found your hangar in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw a little too empty for your liking, there’s good news for you: part of the update will be to add new ships to the game. Further paid and free DLC is also being considered.

Finally, the update reminded players that ModKit support is in the works, which will eventually allow modders to make their own content for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. This will come after the console releases, with a tentative window of early 2020.