Red Dead Online Adds Gift and Gun

GTA Online

Last week, Rockstar released a significant update to Red Dead Online that included several new game modes, weapons, outfits, and a handful of gameplay improvements. We covered those details over here. Not everything mentioned in the update came out immediately, such as the Evans Repeater, an old favorite used in the first Red Dead Redemption by the game’s main character, John Marston.

That changes today. You can go out and grab the Evans Repeater for yourself and start using it in any competition. To get the Evans Repeater, you can visit any gunsmith in the game, or by opening up the Rawson, Wheeler & Co catalog to purchase it.

Alongside this weapon coming out, Red Dead Online player are receiving a gift from Rockstar. But you can only acquire the reward this week. To obtain the free care package, you need to visit your camp’s lockbox or head to one of the game’s post offices found throughout the world. Here are the items in the package:

  • 1 Lake Lure
  • 2 Fire Bottles
  • 2 Potent Horse Medicine
  • 8 Fire Arrows
  • 60 High-Velocity pistol ammo
  • 60 High-Velocity repeater ammo

Rockstar detailed all of this information for you in a blog post.