Next Update for Red Dead Online Features a New Class System, Coming Late Summer

For players in Red Dead Online interested in cementing their role in the wild west, Rockstar has a brand new update to make this more of a reality. Later this summer, Rockstar is rolling out an update for Red Dead Redemption 2’s online asset. Players can choose a specialization to master, making their gameplay online unique and stand out from their friends.

Three new specializations are coming with the update. These are the Bounty Hunter, Trader, and the Collector.

Players who choose the bounty hunter role are going to have the opportunity to hunt down an array of NPC characters with bounties on their heads. Depending on how players wish to play their character, they can fulfill these bounties by killing the target or bring them in the alive. The choice is theirs. Additionally, if another player’s bounty grows too high, bounty hunters can chase after other players and take them out in the world.

The trader turns the old west into their job market. They’re going to have the opportunity to explore the wild killing a variety of different animal targets, skinning them, selling their meat, among other body parts they cultivate from their hunt. Further down the line, traders can upgrade their camps to include new things. These new items include a weapons locker, stew pot, and they can add a canine to their camp to warn them of attacks against them.

The final option is the collector. The collector acts as the Indiana Jones of the wild west. Players who want to go down this route are going to need to locate a mystic traveling saleswoman to start searching for rare items, arrowheads, and many treasures hidden throughout the world. Collectors are going to gain access to a variety of new tools to make their search that much easier.

Can’t decide on what to choose first? Don’t worry. Rockstar is not going to limit players’ imagination, and instead, everyone can specialize in any of the roles they want. Players can venture down all three at their leisure, or remain in a single class tree to highlight their character’s lifestyle.

Additionally, new changes are arriving with this update, such as more damage reduction for defensive players, more lootable items, and quite a bit more.

Rockstar has not given an exact release date for this update, but it should show up before the end of summer. Players can expect it to show up sometime in late Aug.