Red Dead Online suddenly adds three new solo missions as Rockstar teases even more

Head to the nearest in-game post office or camp to jump in the latest adventures.

Image via Rockstar

Aside from the usual weekly discounts, Rockstar has implemented a now-live update for Red Dead Online that features an astonishing three new single-player missions. The out-of-the-blue additions are all part of the A New Source of Employment event, a line of missions mostly centered around big payouts upon completion. 

The first of the three obtained, A One Horse Deal, will ask cowboys to steal and tame a white Arabian racehorse from the vicious Braithwaites gang. After that is done, the Rich Picking mission will be sending players back to St. Denis to snatch diamonds from the mayor’s highly guarded estate. The last included mission, Outriders, will require some diligent guarding of a valuable wagon as thieves attempt to murder for it.

To play these new adventures, users will need to pick up their telegrams from either a camp or post office from a character named “J.” It may sound like a hassle, but finishing all three missions will result in over 5,000 Club XP added, as well as a treasure map and $100 of RDO cash. Though, for even more bonuses, these can be replayed at higher difficulties every time they are beaten.

Unfortunately, Rockstar does add that the three new tasks cannot be done cooperatively, but it does suggest fans “keep an eye out for new missions in the future.” In the meantime, if players are looking to finish these latest objectives on the hardest difficulty, constructing some of the best Ability Card combos can make any outlaw unstoppable.