Red Dead Online update 1.20 – Patch note highlights

Update 1.20 brings new animals and a new specialist role.

How To Access Red Dead Online Beta

The latest update for Red Dead Online is now available with a plethora of new features. The update revolves around the new Naturalist specialist role. Players will have access to a new frontier pursuit along with numerous activities. A variety of new legendary animals and subspecies are now available along with new wilderness camps. There are also several new stores, outfits, tonics, and trinkets for players to hunt down. Here is a summary of the latest patch notes released on Rockstar’s website.

New specialist role

The update includes a new specialist role called Naturalist. The Naturalist role focuses on tracking, studying and hunting animals. The new tole is accessible from the Welcome Center in Strawberry. The new role will have two new Free Roam Events that will become available via invite as you progress through the role. Naturalists will also have access to the new Wilderness Camp which is unlocked by progressing through the role. The Wilderness Camp feature allows players to create a camp in the open world for other players to rest and craft.

New stores

Harriet Davenport and Gus Macmillan have set up stores across the world to cater to the new role. Harriet’s store will allow players to access new tonics and hear about new unique missions. The tonics available through Harriet will let players control their weight loss and gain, and increase resistance against the weather.

Gus’s store will allow players to craft new clothing items and trinkets using animal provisions. Several new animal trinkets have been added that can give players permanent stat buffs. New outfits are available in Gus’s store as well as the Handheld Catalogue and Madam Nazar’s store.

New legendary animals

The seven following legendary animals have been added to the game:

  • Cougar
  • Fox
  • Boar
  • Beaver
  • Wolf
  • Bison
  • Elk

Each legendary animal has three different subspecies will now appear in the open world. The animals can be found through exploration, animal sightings, or by purchasing maps from Harriet Davenport’s naturalist store.