Special Bonuses for Role-specific Free Roam Events Red Dead Online Update and Patch Notes

Red Dead Redemption 2

Image via Rockstar Games

The weekly update has arrived for Red Dead Redemption 2‘s online mode, featuring exclusive bonuses for free-roam missions, and for playing the last stand competitive mode, with rewards available through Jan. 20.

For players who enjoy living out their lives as a Bounty Hunter, Trade, or a Collector, you can receive even more bonuses for performing your trade this week. Role-specific free-roam missions provide a 25 percent character experience boost and a role boost when you complete them. Here’s the complete list of the eligible missions:

  • Day of Reckoning: Compete against other Bounty Hunters to capture wanted targets and return them for points, with the more dangerous or difficult ones being worth more. This is a two to eight-player game mode, and you must be at least a rank four in Bounty Hunter to qualify.
  • Manhunt: Bounty Hunters must work together to apprehend wanted targets across a designated area, many of which are defended by equally armed and dangerous henchmen. This is a two to 12-player game mode, and you must be of rank four in Bounty Hunter to qualify.
  • Trade Route: Here Traders get to show off their defensive skills as all participants must safeguard a train laden with goods from attacking bandits. This is a two to 12-player game mode and you must be of rank four in Trader to qualify.
  • Condor Egg: A rare and valuable Condor Egg has been spotted in the area – find it before your opponents do to reap the benefits. This is a two to 12-player game mode and you must be of rank four in Collector to qualify.
  • Salvage: A wreck has scattered valuable collectibles across the designated area. Find as many as you can but be careful as enemy bandits are also scouring the terrain and will attack to protect what they’ve found. This is a two to 12-player game mode and you must be of rank four in Collector to qualify.

Players also have the chance to gain bonus role experience points by performing specific tasks in their selected profession. The 2,000 bonus experience goes out in two 1,000 experience bonus chunks, which players can receive from the Offers and Rewards menu.

Bounty Hunters need to complete a legendary bounty. Traders need to complete a trader sell mission. Collectors need to assemble any of the gold panners dream weekly collection, such as the Ojeda rose gold bangle bracelet, the 1797 gold eagle, and the gold pocket watch to sell to Madam Nazar. Players need to complete any of the moonshiner’s story missions to receive 2,000 experience points for Moonshiner.

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If you’re looking for a bit more competition, check out the Last Stand game mode, which is a free-for-all shootout to see who is the last person alive. You can find it in the Featured Series menu.

The final note is players will receive 30 percent off any rifle purchased from the Gunsmiths or Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. Catalogue. All PlayStation Plus players in Red Dead Online can receive a Leavitt Jacket for free.