Red Dead Redemption vs. Red Dead Redemption 2 Graphics Comparison Shows Huge Evolution


The first gameplay video for Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally been dropped, and it was impressive to see what Rockstar Games has been able to achieve for the latest entry in the western based franchise on a PS4 Pro.

The game looks even more impressive if compared to the original Red Dead Redemption, which was released back in 2010 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A new comparison video is now available thanks to the work of YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits.


In the video, we can watch the main differences between the two titles, which are of course quite substantial, but it’s also good to look at what Rockstar Games wanted to do differently in comparison with their previous work.

For example, by just looking at the video, you can see that the developer wanted a more mature and darker tone in comparison with the previous RDR title, more vibrant locations in terms of objects and people on the screen, and a much wider draw distance overall.

Of course, differences are going to be quite wide also when it’ll come about to features, although we’ll most probably be watching them in action in the next gameplay video (in the first it was said there is going to be at least another, “part II”) dropping before launch.

So, while we wait for the game to finally release on October 26, 2018, you just go and check this clip in order to see how all these years have done a good service to Red Dead Redemption 2 in terms of development and evolution of the graphics.

You can check it out below.