Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Still Being Mentioned In GTA Online For PC


As you might have already noticed, Red Dead Redemption 2 is still a console exclusive, meaning that if you only own a PC for your gaming needs, you won’t be able to play it at the time being. Rockstar Games has used us with multiple and staggered releases for all the different platforms, PC included, with Grand Theft Auto V.

However, people are particularly worried about Red Dead Redemption 2 ever coming to PC as the original game has never been ported over the platform for some reason.

While we don’t have any news about a possible port of the western open-world game, we have a new report of Red Dead Redemption 2 ads popping up in the PC version of GTA Online, as shared by one player on ResetEra.

Rockstar has already explained that this isn’t to be considered an announcement of sorts for RDR2 to ever be available on PC, but it’s sure weird enough that they’ve never bothered to build a system to convey the right ads for the right platforms.

So, once again, this could be valued as yet another sign of things that could come, especially now that the developer has launched its own store and could be more willing to invest on the PC platform as it’ll get all the revenue without anything to split with one Steam or Epic Games Store.

Of course, we will report on the topic in the future if any other rumor or confirm comes this way.