Red Dead Redemption 2’s World To Be “Alive And Persistent”


In a recent interview, Aaron Garbut, art director at Rockstar North, has shared more about Red Dead Redemption 2’s world and the intent of the developer of making it “alive and persistent.”

“It’s persistent and alive, but also more deliberate and intimate in ways which makes sense for a world where you were still mostly getting around by horse or on foot,” Garbut told The Hollywood Reported.


“You can exchange stories with a barman in a saloon, talk yourself out of trouble with a local lawman, hijack a train or simply rummage through the drawers of an old homestead hoping to find cash or just some food to help the gang survive — and seamlessly transition between these things in ways that are both fun and in keeping with Arthur as a character.”

“We are trying to make a world that’s both expansive and deep at the same time. We’ve always tried to create worlds that feel like places as much as games, and we’ve been able to use the latest technology to push that idea forward in ways we never have before,” he added.

That’s quite an interesting statement from Rockstar Games. The developer has been known for the building of worlds, stories and characters, and it’ll be fun to see how all these things can come together in a Red Dead Redemption title.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is releasing October 26 for PS4 and Xbox One.