Red Dead Redemption Inches Closer to PC Thanks to PlayStation 3 Emulator


Despite continuous requests from fans, Rockstar Games never ported Red Dead Redemption over to PC. But a new report from PlayStation 3 emulator RPCS3 suggests the game may be available to play on home computers sooner rather than later.

In a new update video published by the RPCS3 team, the emulator’s latest update shows a wide range of rendering improvements that feature improved texture instructions and rendering displays. The fix even includes gamma corrections that closely mirror the PlayStation 3’s actual render settings.

With the new changes in place, the RPCS3 team suggests the improvements will “likely affect over a hundred games” for the better, improving stability and reliable emulation. That includes much better rendering for Red Dead Redemption, which looks remarkably similar to its actual PS3 and Xbox 360 equivalents. Check out the new renders in the video below.

Despite RPCS3’s progress with Red Dead Redemption, just over 700 titles are currently playable from start to finish with RPCS3, with over 1,000 games suffering from serious glitches that make gameplay unfinishable, according to the emulator’s compatibility database. Red Dead Redemption unfortunately is part of the latter category. The game is making progress fast, however, as emulation looked noticeably sluggish and discolored as recently as July 2017. For more information on RPCS3, check out the emulator’s official about section.

Meanwhile, Red Dead Redemption 2 looms on the horizon for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Rockstar currently plans to release the title for October 2018, although it’s unclear for now if the game will face any further delays.

H/T PC Gamer