Regieleki will be arriving to Pokémon Go for Elite Raids, coming this weekend

More Elite Raids are on the way, and these ones feature Regieleki for a limited time.

Image via Niantic

Niantic has formally announced that Regieleki will be making its upcoming debut to Pokémon Go in Elite Raids. These exclusive raids will take place over the weekend on April 9, and that means players will need to round up other players in their local community for any hope of taking down this tough Pokémon.

Following the announcement of Regidrago being released to Elite Raids, many players believed this would also be the case for Regieleki. Unfortunately, since Elite Raids arrived, they have been filled with nothing but problems and continue to suffer from several bugs that continue to be a sore spot for the player base.

For better or for worse, Regieleki Elite Raids are coming to Pokémon Go

The announcement was made on the Pokémon Go Twitter page earlier today, with a formal blog post that went out simultaneously. The Elite Raids will appear on April 9 at 11 AM, 2 PM, and 5 PM in your local area, which means New Zealand will be the first to have a chance to battle against Regieleki.

All players who participate and complete a Regieleki raid over the weekend will receive a Timed Research as a bonus reward. Completing the Timed Research offers Regirock, Regice, and Registeel candy for players looking for them.

Unfortunately, players will be unable to rely on using a Remote Raid Pass to participate in these battles. A player must be within the Gym radius to engage in these battles. For any player who does not have any Gyms in their local area, they will likely miss out on this event unless they plan to travel to a nearby city to track one down.

However, given Niantic’s current stance on Remote Raid Passes, these items will likely begin to fade out following the formal announcement to increase prices and offer additional rewards for in-person raiding. This has led to some heavy reception from the community, with some players even calling for a strike against playing the game.

Even before these Remote Raid Passes were announced, players were already having a rough time with Elite Raids. The most recent one, featuring Regidrago, had a handful of bugs that prevented players from participating in the raid, receiving rewards, or connecting to them. It’s likely players might experience the same issues with Regieleki. Hopefully, Niantic will take a turn and begins to listen to the community.