Remedy and Rogue One writer are chatting about a Control movie

Remedy’s Communications Director Thomas Puha and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s writer Gary Whitta are chatting right now about a Control movie.


Remedy’s Communications Director Thomas Puha and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story‘s writer Gary Whitta have talked about the movie based on Control, the recently released action-adventure game.

The conversation started from a tweet Whitta shared in response to the question about which game would users like to turn into a movie if they had the chance. He answered Control and that he would like to write it, and the thing didn’t pass unnoticed on Twitter.

A few minutes later, Puha tagged the writer in a reply saying, “let’s talk,” showing all of his interest in a possible movie about the latest game from Remedy. Then, Whitta asked the Finnish studio’s rep to “DM” him, so they’re likely having a private conversation as we write this.

Remedy is not new to movies and TV shows at all. The studio’s first triple-A game, Max Payne, was turned into a film shortly after the development team sold the IP to Rockstar Games, and Quantum Break features a full TV show that reacts to things happening throughout the game.

Control has live-action segments that players can have access to by watching TVs spread across locations, so it’s easy to comprehend why a movie writer has fallen in love with the title, outside of its new weird-inspired story and characters.

In terms of sales, the game hasn’t managed to top any chart since its original release in August 2019, but as shared by the developer it has performed steadily, most likely granting the IP a future.

At the time being, we don’t have any clue about what this conversation could lead, nor what the studio is working next in the long term future. Control has a season pass which will introduce two major expansions this year, and after that there’s a chance that Remedy finally looks into the highly requested Alan Wake 2.