Remi Gazel, Composer of Original Rayman, Has Passed Away

Remi Gazel, the composer of the original Rayman game, has sadly passed away following his battle with cancer. His passing was confirmed in a tweet by his wife.

“Rémi my husband just left us. Despite his constant struggle, his desire to live and the permanent and unwavering support of his relatives, cancer was right to him. The funeral will take place at Pech Bleu in BEZIERS on Friday 31st at 9:45.” (Translated with Microsoft Translate)

Gazel was a musician based in Montpellier, France, and is best known for his work on the original Rayman soundtrack. The game was lauded for its fantastic soundtrack, and over the years has been ported to multiple systems.

Rayman Soundtrack (Full)

Rayman OST. Composed by Rémi Gazel. 0:00 – World Map 0:59 – First Steps 2:09 – Deep Forest 3:16 – Lost in the Woods 4:18 – The Magician’s Challenge 5:29 – Betilla the Fairy 6:52 – Bzzit Attacks 8:04 – Flight of the Mosquito 9:09 – Hold on tight!

Gazel was an avid fan of music and technology. According to his website he was a “Self-taught musician passionate about digital technologies and the endless opportunities they offer, Rémi is an ever-evolving artist. His journey brought him to experiment with many creation fields, from music to digital art, video making, web design. He now feeds from all this very different experience to give birth to a very personal artistic work, always eager to learn and improve himself.”

We would like to extend our deepest condolences to the Gazel family at this difficult time.