Remnant 2 Devs Promise Hours of Secrets Hidden Within The Game

Remnant 2 developers excite fans with the idea that players will spend hours uncovering secrets and mysteries hidden within the game.

Image via Gunfire Games

Remnant 2 will not only be a challenging game for those looking to hurdle through the impending challenges awaiting them but also a game full of mysteries. Nothing is fully explained, and there are puzzles at every turn, waiting for a player to unlock them and progress further into the daunting world the Gunfire Games developers have created. Ahead of the game’s early access release, the development team has shared that amount of secrets on the way, and they’re massive.

A developer on the Gunfire Games team has teased that no one has completely, 100% by anyone, seen everything the game has to offer. There are still multiple secrets for players to unlock, and unearthing those secrets will take time and patience.

The Secrets in Remnant 2 Will Take Hours to Unearth and Learn

These details come from the personal Twitter account of Ben Cureton, a designer at Gunfire Games. He’s been hyping up the community for several weeks, giving them small looks behind the curtain and sharing Remnant 2 details leading up to the game’s release. Excited for everyone to jump in, Cureton sends a warning to players eager to blast through it and learn everything.

Spoiler: it’s going to take hours, and even those who plan to pour in over 400 hours will struggle to find every detail of the game that the development team has lovingly woven into this highly anticipated sequel, giving Remnant 2 fans plenty to look forward to checking out when they finally get the chance to play.

This is not to say that fans won’t be able to 100% Remnant 2. That’s not the case, and the team has worked to make sure that anyone looking to unlock all 100% achievements could do that, and it’s extremely player-friendly, but after hitting this goal, there are still going to be secrets to unlock, and waiting for anyone willing to dive deeper into this in-depth game.

In our review for Remnant 2, I talked about my time never felt old. I would consistently find something new and more routes to explore as I poured into the game, and I can’t wait to dive deeper into the game after having played it, and I’m eager to check out more.