Remnant 2 Players Discover Fiery Unlimited Scrap Exploit

This Scrap exploit likely won't be around for long in Remnant 2, but players can take advantage of it while they can.

Remnant 2 is a challenging game with plenty of twists and turns around every corner. Fans have been devouring it for the past few days, first through the early access weekend and now after the official launch. With more players jumping into the game, there have been several discoveries that some players have missed, such as a way to farm Scrap quickly.

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This exploit was discovered in the Losomn section of Remnant 2, one of the handful of biomes players can be visited that contains a random array of locations, which may or not appear in a player’s run. For those who have access to the Great Sewers, we recommend writing down notes.

Players Discover Quick Way to Farm Scrap in Remnant 2

The video showcasing this exploit takes place in the Great Sewers in Losomn. Those who want to take advantage of it’ll need to snake through the area in Remnant 2 and track down a dead body hanging from the large cages suspended from a ceiling. Traditionally, a player can shoot a particular one to have it drop a severed hand, which reveals a ring. The exploit surrounds a player using one of a handful of weapons against the cage and consistently making this severed hand drop.

A player would need to use specific weapons, namely the Merciless, the Hellfire, or the Nebula. They can repeatedly shoot the body, have the Severed Hand drop multiple times, and fill their inventory. It’s taking advantage of an elegant feature in Remnant 2, which is whenever a player finds a ring generated in their world a second time, instead of going into their inventory, it immediately becomes Scrap, the primary currency in the game.

This type of exploit can be done for a few days, but sooner or later, developers learn about it and patch it through. Gunfire Games will likely update the games across the various platforms and prevent this from happening in the future.

In an intense game like Remnant 2, these advantages can mean everything to players, especially anyone who wants to purchase many of the items offered by vendors. However, having a lot of Scrap doesn’t mean it’s easier to blast through the bosses. This all boils down to precision dodging, a solid build, and much trial and error.

We spent a lot of time playing Remnant 2 and immensely enjoyed it, showcasing this in our review. There are still mysteries and puzzles waiting to be solved by players, and the development team at Gunfire Games has been greatly enjoying seeing everyone’s positive reactions.

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