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Remnant 2 Unveils The Hunter, A Sharpshooting Archetype with Hype Ramping Up For The Upcoming Launch

The Hunter will be one of the several starting classes players can choose from when they begin their Remnant 2 journey against the Root.

We’re less than a week from Remnant 2’s early access release, with the game’s official release on July 25, 2023. It’s a sequel many fans who played the original game, Remnant From The Ashes, have been eagerly awaiting, and Gunfire Games has done their best to drip feed information leading up to the launch.

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Now, with a week away, the team has revealed a thorough breakdown of the last upcoming Archetype arriving into the game, the Hunter. This is a long-range sharpshooter players can choose to play as at the start of the game. Although the marketing promotions for the game’s release are about to wrap up, fans are excitedly looking forward to finally getting their hands on this highly-anticipated sequel.

The Hunter Arrives in the Latest Remnant 2 Trailer

The recent Hunter Archetype reveal was showcased on the Remnant 2 YouTube page, where developer Gunfire Games goes over what players can expect from this exciting class. For any player who prefers to sit in the back, line up their shot, and deal the most damage against enemies, this is the one for them.

The trailer breakdowns how, even though the Hunter might not always be in long-range fights, they will deal the most damage. The Hunter’s perks in Remnant 2 will be dealing additional damage with critical hits, making it easier to land weak spot shots against foes and extending those benefits to all allies in their party.

The primary trait for the Hunter is Longshot, which adds to a weapon’s Ideal Range by a certain amount for each point in that trait. This means that even if the Hunter is running around with a shotgun or a submachine gun, they can use it much further distance than the other characters in their party, turning every weapon they use into a long-range weapon in Remnant 2, increasing their weapon variety.

Some Remnant 2 fans might be making Hunter their first Archetype to use when they play, but other players might reserve this one for their secondary Archetype to unlock as they progress further in the game.

It looks like an excellent addition to an already robust roster of Archetypes, alongside the Handler, the Field Medic, the Champion, and the Gunslinger. Gunfire Games have been careful about what details they share, only revealing a handful of enemies that have appeared in trailers, such as the Mother Mind from the Hunter trailer.

Remnant 2 fans can look forward to finally checking out the game regarding early access this Friday, July 21, 2023, and the full release on July 25, 2023.

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