Free Remnant: From the Ashes Content Updates Coming September 12 and 19


Remnant: From the Ashes was a quiet game that came out of nowhere, and took everyone by storm. Now, the developers are looking to expand on the game with two new updates set to release later this month on Sept. 12 and the 19. Both of these updates are going to be available to all Remnant: From the Ashes owners, free of charge.

The developers announced the dates from their officially Remnant: From the Ashes Twitter page, which you can view below.

The first update to come to the game is going to be an adventure mode. In it, players are going to get the chance to explore the game however they choose through a specific map. For example, in adventure mode, a player can choose which of the three worlds they want to re-roll. They can choose Earth, Yaesha, or Rhom, and start at the beginning of the area. From there, they can freely experience where they’re going to encounter random enemies, dungeons, and bosses along the way.

They complete the mode once they defeat the world boss at the end of it, and an adventure mode does not disrupt any campaign progress for the player. However, they get to keep everything they earn along the way, such as items, traits, and experience points.

The second one, Leto’s Lab, is a brand new dungeon that’s going to spawn in the Earth realm. Players who encounter this dungeon are going to learn the backstory of Leto Apostolakis, who discovered how to use the red crystals to travel between dimensions. The facility was later abandoned due to an out of control experiment.

The adventure mode releases on Sept 12, and Leto’s Lab spawns in on Sept. 19. All players are going to need to do is update their game, and they should have access to each one when they come out.