Report claims Konami and Kojima relationship has improved

Just in time with new Silent Hill games on way.

Earlier in the week, a combination of reports from a renowned information leaker sparked speculation that Konami is working on two new games for the Silent Hill franchise. Now, a report from Eurogamer suggests that the relationship between the Japanese developer and Metal Gear Solid legend Hideo Kojima is beginning to improve again.

The report from Eurogamer highlights the horror genre specialist website Rely on Horror having sources that have said that a new Silent Hill game is on the way, as well as tweets from the renowned leaker AestheticGamer. These two sources had been known from earlier in the week.

However, the source who reported their information to Eurogamer also claims that the animosity between Kojima and Konami may finally be starting to subside. It has been over four years since Kojima had any involvement in a Konami project. The extent of how the relationship now stands is not known.

Kojima has previously hinted that his new game is going to be back to the horror genre following Death Stranding, as seen in the below tweet and having involvement in the last Silent Hill game to see the light of day, Silent Hills P.T. (short for playable trailer), the timing would seem to align with new games in the works.

Konami has been hands-off in the last few years with video game development, with the majority of its output coming from mobile titles. But with this year present a generational console leap, and with Kojima now seemingly with more time on his hands, patching up the relationship could pave the way for more Silent Hill with him at the helm. Being an independent studio will also present some more assurances to Kojima too, and the idea of coming back to finish P.T. may be an attractive one to him.

We wouldn’t start dreaming of a new Metal Gear Solid any time soon.