Report Suggests You Should Play Borderlands 3 In 30fps Mode


I played a lot of Borderlands 3 over the weekend. I mostly played it in the performance mode, which allows you to get an unlocked frame rate.

I’ll acknowledge that this hasn’t been the most stable gaming experience of my entire life. But I found it much more compelling than the 30fps resolution mode on PlayStation 4 Pro. However, Digital Foundry doesn’t seem to think the same.

The tech label has recognized that the 30fps resolution mode has slowdowns and tearing especially on PS4 Pro, where it quickly gets in the 20s. They believe this is the most consistent way to experience Borderlands 3 on a console for the time being.

Digital Foundry says that Xbox One X has its performance mode dropping in the 50s quite frequently, with frame pacing and stutter issues. The PlayStation 4 Pro is even worse, with 60fps achieved only in moments where you do nothing.

Drops are even more severe on Sony’s console because of its weaker CPU. However, the resolution on both platforms remains at 1080p during the use on the performance mode. It’s 1800p on both with the resolution mode.

In this mode, the Xbox One X achieves an almost always consistent 30fps experience, while PS4 Pro drops in the 20s at times. VG247 correctly notes that this is weird if you consider Borderlands 3 got made on Unreal Engine 4 and that Gears 5 also is, but obtains many different technical results.

Despite the technical issues on the console, the game has had an excellent launch as reported by Gearbox Software’s Randy Pitchford.