Resident Evil 2 Leaks Jill Valentine and Robert Kendo Image Hinting at Story DLC


According to an achievement discovered on Steam, Resident Evil 2 is getting Resident Evil 3 inspired content in the form of a letter left behind by Jill Valentine. The achievement unlocks when you find the message and read its content to learn more about the S.T.A.R.S. agent’s mission in Raccoon City.

However, the same achievement found on the Xbox One version of the game hints that something even more in-depth and bigger could be coming on Resident Evil 2 to build momentum further ahead of Resident Evil 3 remake’s release in 2020.

According to the report from Rely On Horror, differently from Steam, Xbox achievements also feature a 1920×1080 image that shows the content of that achievement. In this particular case, we have a pic of Jill meeting Resident Evil 2‘s Robert Kendo.

This meeting has never been shown before in the history of the franchise. We might get to see this in Resident Evil 2 as part of a story DLC that could be coming instead of a simple additional letter you can find at the police station, as previously thought.

Other tiny but significant details also cover Kendo’s face, which has fresh scratches compared to those seen in RE2 main story. Furthermore, the fact that Jill and Kendo are in the back of the gunshop store, and it’s not raining at all. A sequence that has never happened in the story.

So, that meeting might have happened before Resident Evil 2 story and perhaps might be hinting at something in Jill’s journey in Raccoon City. She could have traveled her way to the gunshop to ask for some specific weapon, since Kendo, a close friend of Barry Burton, is known for having crafted all of the S.T.A.R.S. weaponry.

It would be an unusual crossover, but one that fans of the franchise might be looking forward too. With The Game Awards 2019 coming in later today, there’s a chance that Capcom might provide the first details about this DLC, which was also hinted at in November, in a few hours.

Resident Evil 3 was revealed at this week’s State of Play, where it showcased the first trailer and shared the news that it includes Resident Evil Resistance, previously announced as the standalone Project Resistance, as its multiplayer mode.