Resident Evil 3 Artwork Uncovered On The PlayStation Network


The artwork for Resident Evil 3 has surfaced on the PlayStation Network. Initially spotted by ResetEra users on the Gamestat website, this seems to be a reliable indicator that we will be hearing about the reworked Resident Evil 3 sooner than many people may have anticipated.

Gamestat is a website that records all changes made to the PlayStation Network, including the addition of new cover art.

While there are a lot of rumors flying around about Resident Evil 3, the appearance of this cover would certainly back up the idea that we might be getting the game sometime in 2020.

Resident Evil Resistance

Included in the cover images revealed on Gamestat, we can also see the potential cover art for the upcoming asynchronous multiplayer game set in the Resident Evil universe. Resident Evil Resistance will pit a team of players against one other player who controls a death maze that they must make their way through.

The player who controls the maze can place traps, spawn monsters, and interfere with the team’s attempts to survive in all kinds of fun and exciting ways. Until now, the game has been referred to as Project Resistance, but it would appear that the smart move is being made, and the game does plan to lean into the fact that this is, after all, a Resident Evil title.

No release date has been confirmed for Resident Evil Resistance as of yet, but you can expect to see it arrive at some point in 2020. There might even be a double announcement in the future, confirming release dates for both games.