Resident Evil 3 Remake In “Final Adjustments” Phase, Will Be More Action-Based

Resident Evil 3 Remake Almost Ready

Following its announcement during the State of Play last week, Resident Evil 3’s remake is ready to rule the new year. And now we know a little more about it, thanks to a recent Famitsu interview with producers Masao Kawada and Peter J. Fabiano. As reported by DualShockers, some interesting new details have come to light.

First off, it’s pretty much almost finished when it comes to development. The producers made a promise that it will meet its Apr. 2020 release date, and that it’s currently in a “final adjustments” phase. Right now, that’s at 90 percent, so the game will wrap up well ahead of time.

And for those that were hoping for more excitement in Resident Evil 3, you’re going to get it. The team confirmed that the game will be more “action-oriented” than the original, though it will retain the charm to keep fans pleased. It also noted that the game will begin right before the events of Resident Evil 2, and come to a close around the same time as the previous game’s ending.

And finally, Kawada and Fabiano expressed the importance of retaining the “beautifulness and strength” of the game’s lead character, Jill Valentine, as well as the Nemesis.

The duo took extra special care in making sure Valentine’s revamped look was just right, fitting with the motif of the game but maintaining her strengths. Carlos went through more changes than her, but they noted that he’ll still retain that “hot-blooded personality” that everyone has come to know from the original RE3. And for those feeling nostalgic, an exclusive pre-order pack features classic costumes, which can be swapped out at any time.

It sounds like Resident Evil 3 will do just fine in 2020, as Resident Evil 2 has done this year with five million copies sold. We’ll see how it and the multiplayer-oriented Project Resistance fare when they arrive next April for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.